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How to Remember to Take Your Birth Control

How to Remember to Take Your Birth Control

Keeping up with your birth control is immensely important. By forgetting to take your pill or get your shots, you render your birth control unreliable. If you are taking a form of birth control currently, the following tips can help you remember all the important aspects of your birth control so that it remains viable and dependable.

Use Apps

There are a variety of apps that women depend on to help them remember to take their birth control. Many of these apps are easy to use and can be incorporated into your lifestyle quite easily. The app known as iPill is designed for Android devices and contains various reminders for users to take their birth control pill and can also be employed to remind them about their patch, ring, or IUD prescriptions.

Another exceptional app is myPill. This relatively simple app features an interactive graphic showcasing a four-week pill pack. Every day that passes, a pill disappears. This app helps women keep track of their own pill pack. For women and men who prefer to rely on condoms for birth control and to guard against STDs, the iCondom app allows users to locate the nearest condom dispensers and stores where condoms can be purchased.

Use Your Smartphone

Many women use the basic features of their smartphones to help them remember to take their pill, set appointments to see the doctor, or renew their prescriptions. Women can use their phone’s calendar to set dates so that they get their routine exams on time or return on time for birth control shots. Alarms can also be set on smartphones to remind women to take their pill or to set appointments and so forth.

Use the Clock

Today’s low dose birth control pills require women to take it at the same time each day. This ensures that their birth control becomes part of their daily routine and maintains the highest effectiveness. Many women take their pill with breakfast or their first cup of coffee of the day. Some might take it at lunch. By making your birth control method part of your daily routine, you will be less likely to forget about it.


It can be helpful to leave condoms or pill packs in the same place so that you’ll always know where to find them. Some women leave their pill packs with their toothbrush or makeup case. Others keep them their pill pack with their daily vitamin. Similarly, if condoms are kept in the same place, it will be no problem to find them when they’re needed.

Be Prepared

Finally, if you travel, always keep a checklist that includes the packing of your birth control method whether you use a diaphragm, condoms, or your birth control pill. Similarly, if you are heading out for the evening, always be sure to bring along a condom just in case you need to rely on one.

Keep these tips in mind as they can help you remember your birth control. You can reduce the likelihood that you’ll forget about it if you are prepared and have a good plan for remembering in place.


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  • Faylinn
    August 3, 2016, 1:15 pm REPLY

    I have a big problem with never being able to remember when to take my birth control. However, I definitely could work on placement better. I think that leaving it near my toothbrush is a really good idea, especially since I use it every morning at around the same time. Yet, another good place that I might consider putting it is in my utensil drawer, because I open it every morning when I go to grab breakfast.

  • Sarah Smith
    November 9, 2016, 3:42 pm REPLY

    I’m starting birth control but am worried that I might forget to take it. It’s good to know that apps that help you track it are easy to use and figure out. Another way to make sure you take your pill on time every day is to carry your pills with you everywhere so that no matter where you are you are prepared to take it.

  • Baxter Abel
    January 13, 2017, 1:20 pm REPLY

    I had no idea that there are apps and smartphone tools that you can use for birth control. I think it’s a great tip to use the reminders you included in your article because birth control can be an easy thing to forget. I’ve also heard that you should be careful when you consider the various different types of birth control.

  • Ivy Bakery
    March 9, 2017, 8:16 pm REPLY

    I like that you talked about using your phone to help you keep track of when to take your birth control pills. It does seem like a helpful solution for remembering to take a pill. I am very forgetful and taking a pill on a regular basis would be smart.

  • Josh Newman
    March 12, 2018, 10:42 am REPLY

    It makes sense that birth control would be something that you don’t want to forget to take. I’ll be sure that my wife has an app to keep track of that! That way she won’t forget about it.

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