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Let’s Talk about It: Reproductive Health Common Questions

Let’s Talk about It: Reproductive Health Common Questions

Reproductive health is an important topic that women should never fear to discuss with their healthcare providers, partner, family, and even friends. By addressing this topic regularly and ensuring that you get the answers you need to your questions, you can better safeguard your reproductive health. The following are some commonly asked questions that many women have. Understanding them will help you protect your health and body.

How Often Should Women Meet with Their Doctor?

In most cases, women should meet with their doctor or gynecologist each year for a checkup. However, some women may need to visit more frequently depending on their reproductive health. Between visits, it is important to track any questions you may have so you can discuss them when you meet with your healthcare provider. If any problems arise between visits, it is important to schedule an appointment to safeguard your health.

How Much Discharge Is Normal?

The amount of vaginal discharge varies between women. Moreover, discharge color and consistency typically change throughout a woman’s cycle. If you find that your discharge greatly increases or develops an odor, you should schedule a checkup as you might have developed an infection.

What Causes Vaginal Odor?

Alcohol, medication, food, and even some non-alcoholic drinks can cause vaginal secretions to change. Sometimes you may notice a slight odor, but a strong “fishy” odor is a sign of infection. These infections could be caused by your method of birth control. They could also simply occur after wearing tight clothing. On the other hand, odor could also be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. In any case, it is important to seek treatment for this infection however it was caused.


Many women have questions about the grooming of their private parts. Is it better to let hair grow naturally or is it ok to keep this area groomed? Experts say that it is simply a matter of personal preference. There are no real risks associated with grooming pubic hair or allowing it to grow naturally.

What Are Some Different Methods of Birth Control?

Today, there are many different methods of birth control. Some of the popular options include the pill, patch, shots, ring, IUD, implant, diaphragm, and condoms. It is important to discuss your preferred option with your healthcare provider as some options may not be ideal for you. For instance, blood pressure, medication, and even smoking can affect the effectiveness of your birth control choice in some cases. If you are concerned about emergency birth control methods, you should, again, discuss options with your healthcare provider.

What Are Some Side Effects of Birth Control?

Some women experience side effects as a result of their birth control. The pill, for example, may cause breast tenderness, headaches, and even dizziness. However, these side effects often disappear over time. If they persist, you should consult your doctor; you may want to try an alternative method. Similarly, patches may cause side effects like weight fluctuations, acne, and mood changes. If you are concerned about side effects, be sure to discuss them in advance with your doctor before selecting a method of birth control.

While these are some commonly asked questions pertaining to reproductive health, there are many others that you may need the answers to. No question is trivial. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider so that you can protect your reproductive health and understand this aspect of your body.



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