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7 Ways to Increase your Self Esteem & Confidence

7 Ways to Increase your Self Esteem & Confidence

Being a woman can be challenging at times. With the media focusing on women and what society considers perfect, it can be hard not to criticize yourself and compare yourself to other women. Women are expected to look flawless and to also be a powerhouse at work as well as at home. Here are 7 tips that can help boost and increase your confidence.

Feel nice, Look nice.

This is a fairly simple concept that is easily overlooked. Sometimes when you are down and out it is easy to be negative about yourself but know that confidence shines through. Even if you don’t really feel it. When people see you and see that you feel confident with yourself they will not doubt you. When do you feel most beautiful? Some women like to wear make-up while some women prefer to wear none; whatever the case may be, make time for yourself to get prepared for your day however you see fit and remember to keep your head high. You wake up flawless, try to remember that throughout the day; you slay and don’t forget it!

Think positively and don’t criticize yourself

Try your hardest to be positive and not criticize yourself. One thing you can do is think about all of your amazing attributes and astonishing things you have accomplished. Even if you feel you haven’t done much you have made it this far in life and the world can sometimes be cruel so that is a feat in itself. Not only does this apply to looks but also to work ethic and smarts. If you are feeling down about school and work keep your head up and feed yourself positive thoughts. Leave sticky notes on your desk and mirror with positive quotes and thoughts to keep you in the right mind set throughout the day. This may seem elementary but it will help you stay on track and you will ooze confidence. You are your harshest critic and if you could only see yourself through someone else’s eyes you would see that you are stunning and brilliant!

Be kind and generous

This may be one of the most important tips of all! Nothing is appreciated more than a kind person, I promise. When you are kind and generous to other people, it shows your true character and makes you feel like a million bucks. Plus, what is there to lose by being kind? Take your mom or dad out to dinner or talk to the girl that sits by herself in class. You will end the day feeling positive and content; and your actions will set off a chain reaction for the other person to have a good day and possibly pass on the act of kindness.

Stand tall and speak slowly

One of the most important pieces of advice I have ever received is to keep your head up and to look forward. People can see you radiating confidence. Stand tall and never slump, not only is this good for your posture but it shows the trait of a confident person. If you look the part, then it will be so much easier to play the part. Another important tip I was told was to speak slowly. This gives your mind more time to think about what it is saying so that you do not stumble over your words. It is also said that people who speak  to quickly, repeat, or stumble words do so because they feel like what they have to say is unimportant. Although this may not be the case, do not give anyone the perception that you might feel this way.

Set goals and reach for the stars

Now this is something that people have been told since the beginning of time but that is because it’s true! Having a clear goal in mind is extraordinary because you have something to work for and achieve. Set small goals along the way so you can feel a sense of accomplishment when you reach them. In return, it will boost your self-esteem and play a part in making you feel like you are contributing and bettering your life. Remember absolutely NO dream is too big, it is true what they say; you can do anything you set your mind to!

Exercise your body and mind

Exercise in any form is important! Exercising for even 30 minutes a day will help you to feel refreshed and capable. If you make this a daily routine you will notice your body will feel better, you will feel out of breath less often and have additional energy to tackle your day. Exercising your brain is also a must. Nothing is worse than noticing that your math or spelling skills are lacking. This could strain your confidence and make you feel unworthy of your daily tasks. With technology being so accessible, you can practice for even ten minutes a day with an app on your phone or electronic device. You will notice a difference quickly and feel so much better.


Most importantly, smile. Nothing says confidence more than a nice friendly smile. People will feel inclined to come speak to you and get to know you better and who doesn’t want more friends? Nothing radiates beauty more than a gorgeous, confident smile.


If you are feeling down on yourself, try to use these 7 tips and remember: We are all beautiful inside!



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