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Positive Period: Talk about It

Positive Period: Talk about It

Generations of women have grown up doing their utmost to hide their period and to cope in silence with its negatives like a good stoic. Even so, the presence of a period is a great indicator that your female body is working, that the power of human reproduction is within you and burning bright. Sure, periods can be rough, but they are also a sign of a healthy body. Even though periods might be painful, the power of positive thought could help you deal with the unpleasant aspects of the reality of female life.

Talk to Your Friends

Many women suffer from period cramps or other symptoms associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). Talking about these symptoms with girlfriends or female family members is a wonderful way to share information. For example, women have found several different ways to alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms. Some women find that yoga helps to reduce cramps. Meditation can also help women align their pressure points and relax their mind, which could, in turn, help them better cope with what they are feeling. When you talk to other women about their period experience, you can learn from one another and help each other understand that your period is nothing to be ashamed of; it is simply a physical fact of your life that can be dealt with in a variety of positive ways.

Embrace New Coping Strategies

Part of dealing positively with your period is taking time to learn about new coping methods. Part of your research might include trying new products associated with menstruation or testing out activities that alleviate your period symptoms. Exercise, for example, works for some women. Other women find that drinking a cup of chamomile tea and reading a good book helps. Each woman is different, so you will need to investigate for yourself. Each month, test out a new idea to see if it helps alleviate your cramps or balance your state of mind.


Menstruation is a huge part of a woman’s life. Some women will menstruate for a few days each month while others might menstruate for an entire week out of the month. Learn to recognize that your community of sisters experience their period in unique ways. In fact, it is not uncommon for you to experience some periods that are rougher than others. Learn about common period symptoms and how your menstruation may change as you age. Knowledge is empowering and knowing all there is to know about menstruation gives you positive power over its effects on your life.

Share Your Experience

Once you have talked with your family and friends, investigated coping strategies, and learned more about this monthly biological process, consider sharing what you have experienced in a blog or in chat sessions with others. You can encourage other girls and women to think positively about their period too. Positive discussion can help you overcome the negative aspects of your period and prevent you and others from viewing this important biological function as a negative experience.

It is always best to think and act positively and that applies to menstruation as well. Your period is not something to be ashamed of; it is your body’s way of telling you that you are healthy. Your period is not an excuse for meanness or an excuse to act negatively; those are stereotypical behaviors that we can all kick to the curb. Instead, think positively and act confidently. You are a woman and your period is a testament to how truly wonderful it is to be one.



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