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3 Tips for Letting Go of Stress

3 Tips for Letting Go of Stress

Stress can have a profoundly negative effect on our physical and mental health. Sometimes stress is inevitable, but learning how to optimally manage stress and eventually letting it go, can make a positive difference in your life and health. By learning how to unwind and decompress, you can enhance the relaxation process. Once you successfully let go of the commonplace small stressors that plague your life, you can build up a robust defense for the bigger stressors that inevitably affect us all at one time or another. The following three tips can help you learn how to manage your stress, which is an important way of taking care of your mind, body, and health.


People rid themselves of stress in a variety of effective ways. Some people find that writing in a journal allows them to let go of their worries. Others find that spiritual reflection works similarly. Talking about your problems with family members and friends can also serve to alleviate stress. Verbalizing your emotions, anxieties, and fears can help you get a handle on them so that you can find proactive solutions to dealing with them. Keep in mind, though, that clinical anxiety is not a choice. If you have been feeling anxious for more than a couple weeks, it is important to speak with a medical professional who can evaluate your mental health and provide you with the customized care that is personalized for you.


Routine exercise is an important and healthy means for combatting stress. Physical exercise certainly benefits physical health, but did you know that exercise also benefits mental health? Exercise causes the body to release “feel-good” endorphins that quite literally make your muscles feel good. Yet just as they make your body feel good, they also make your brain feel good too as it becomes awash with these mood-enhancing endorphins. Be sure that you build exercise into your weekly routine; even your daily routine if possible. There are so many forms of exercise (i.e. swimming, jogging, aerobics, walking), you are sure to find something that appeals to you and is ideal for your physical capabilities.



Meditation is an ancient practice to promote inner peace that still resonates in our hectic modern world. Meditation can help you alleviate and even eliminate anxiety and stress from your life. Meditation is a way to relax your mind and body, but there are various ways to meditate. From guided meditation to practices like Tai Chi and yoga, you can induce a deep state of relaxation that leads to a more restful and tranquil mind. The more you practice the art of meditation, the easier it is to infuse in your life. Whether you choose to meditate alone or in a group setting, you will find that it will reduce feelings of stress and irritability and may even help you sleep better. If you have never tried meditation before, you can easily find videos and books that can help you get started on this uniquely therapeutic practice.


These three tips alone can have a considerable impact on your life. If you are ready to relinquish stress from your daily routine, give these ideas a try. Whatever you do, do not let stress eat away at your ability to live a positive life. When you learn to let stress go, you will feel the immense joy that is missing from your life. Be sure to share these tips with loved ones when you discover that they, too, are living with the negative effects of stress.




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