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L-O-V-E Starts with Me

L-O-V-E Starts with Me

Learning to love yourself is not always a moment’s epiphany. For many, loving oneself is about forming good habits that demonstrate self-love. Taking care of yourself is, in fact, a form of love that can enable you to live a better life, a life that allows you to care for yourself as you would someone else. By incorporating various positive and healthful practices into your life, you can enhance your love for self just as you boost your self-worth. Consider the following tips that can help you love yourself in ways that will truly make a positive difference in your life and well-being.

Daily Aspirations

Learning to think positively about yourself and situations you endure does not come easy for everyone, but with practice, it can become habitual. You can transform your outlook about life one day at a time. Wake up each day and actively focus on the positive in your life. Remind yourself about all you have going for you. Focusing on the positive aspects of your life builds confidence so that you can grow this positivity and spread its inherent joy to others. When you are joyful, it will begin to rub off on other areas of your life. If you struggle with positivity, you can find means of support in the form of online mentors, life coaches, and even library books that can provide instruction for ways to cope with adversity and teach how to think more positively.


Exercise is a fabulous way to enhance your physical body as well as your mental well-being. Exercise causes serotonin levels to increase. Serotonin helps your body and mind to, quite simply, “feel good”. Exercise has been shown to provide nearly as much of a boost to mental health as some types of anti-depressants. Loving yourself means taking care of your mind and body health on a regular basis. When you feel good all over, you can begin to focus on making others in your life feel good too.

Know Yourself

While exercise is an important way to care for yourself, it is important to customize your life routines in ways that matter exclusively to you. In order to pamper yourself in essential ways, you need to understand what makes you tick. For instance, are you the type of person that needs alone time or down time in order to recharge? If so, make sure you give yourself this important gift. You cannot help others when your own battery is drained, so make sure that you take time to rejuvenate in ways that work for you. This might mean booking a morning at a spa or it could mean staying home on a Friday night to read and lounge in the tub. Be sure to infuse these practices into your weekly routine whenever possible.

Say Yes When You Can and No When You Have to

When you love yourself well, you will find that you grow more comfortable about saying no to others when you should. Make sure you are not working so much so, that you start skipping meals or exercise. When you are feeling up to snuff, you will be able to focus on pleasing others; and that feels good too. Just remember to maintain a healthy balance between loving and pleasing others and loving and pleasing yourself.

When you focus on being positive and take positive control of your mind and body health, you will find that this positivity will grow in ways you could not have foreseen. Positivity is contagious, so when you put it out there, it will definitely enhance other people in your life, and their positivity will grow and surely come back to you. It is a wonderful circle, and it begins by loving and feeling positive about your own life.



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