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Bra Fitting 101

There is an oft-cited statistic that up to 80 percent of adult women are currently wearing the wrong size bra, and the number may be even higher for teenagers and young people. Growing bodies mean changing needs, and failing to accommodate those needs with a good bra and proper support can have several health consequences later in life.

Whether that 80 percent figure is accurate or overestimated, it would be hard to overstate the importance of proper bra fitting. Finding the right size bra is especially important for young people who are not yet use to wearing a bra, and who may not yet know what to look for and which factors to consider when buying and getting a fitting for a bra.

Know Your Body

As with so many things in the lives of young people, knowing their bodies can make bra shopping, and bra sizing, a lot easier. As a young lady, your breasts are constantly growing and changing. The bra that fit you last month may no longer provide the space, or the support, your growing body needs the next month.

Getting sized for the right bra is particularly important for these growing young ladies, as a properly sized and well-fitted bra will allow the breasts to grow into a more natural shape and at a more natural rate. Knowing what your body needs and how it is changing is critical at this point, and it all starts with wearing the right size bra.

Health Risks of an Ill-Fitted Bra

An ill-fitted bra is more than just a fashion problem; it can be a very real health hazard. A bra that fits properly provides several health benefits to the breasts and to the entire chest area. A bra that does not fit well, on the other hand, can introduce a few health problems for young ladies and their growing bodies.

A bra that is too small or not properly fitted can reduce circulation to the chest and the breasts. A too-small bra can also hinder growth in the area by depriving the breasts of the room they need to grow and attain their proper shape.

Going Braless

Finding the right bra can be challenging, but there is a solution. Young people who have trouble finding the right bra, and those whose bodies are still changing and evolving, can choose to go bra-free.

Going bra-free is not always an option, but there are times that wearing no bra at all is entirely appropriate. Removing your bra and giving your body time breathe can be good for your physical and mental health. Breast tissue functions best when it is not harnessed and compressed, so feel free to go bra-free whenever circumstances allow.

No matter what your age, finding the right bra size is an important part of assembling your wardrobe and increasing your comfort. Going bra-free may be best for your breasts and your overall health, but there will always be times when you need the support and protection of a well-fitted bra. Understanding how bra sizes work, how bras are constructed, and how they work with your body can help you find the right size and avoid the health problems associated with poor quality, poor construction, and poor sizing.




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