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Not your Grandmother’s Diaphragm

Gone are the days of flappers, continuity girls, bomb girls, and typists; and gone are their birth control methods. What allowed your grandmother’s generation to be the bombing, take-charge ladies they were, had a lot to do with innovations in diaphragms and menstrual products, giving women the new freedom to take charge of their body and live their own lives.


While women still use birth control to go out and live their authentic lives, methods today seem to favor hormonal products like the pill, IUDs, vaginal rings, patches and, injections. These products have empowered thousands of women but could disrupt body chemistry and have some negative side effects. Some women simply cannot use these types of methods. Diaphragms were long lasting and completely under the user’s control. Where did all the non-hormonal, female-centered options go?

Kiss a suffragette, the diagram is back in style.


What Even Is That?

Okay, maybe the diaphragm has been out of the popular consciousness for too long. At its base level, diaphragms are small silicone caps that cover the cervix to prevent sperm from entering. The user simply inserts the diaphragm before sex and takes it out after. They are long-lasting, reusable and can be carried and stored like condoms. It was the most popular form of birth control in the 1940’s before the pill was introduced and the marketing agencies switched sides.


Caya spent over 20 years studying diaphragms, women, and working with specialists and science-types to update and redesign the diaphragm to make it suited for modern women. Diaphragms are useful to women who cannot have or do not want to use, hormonal birth control, as well as women who do not have sex frequently enough to justify a hormonal or semi-permanent birth control method.


Let’s face it, the old version of the diaphragm needed a bit more of a make-over than just taking off its glasses and shaking out its hair She’s All That style. Diaphragms used to come in nine sizes, with women having to have their cervix fitted by a physician. This made it awkward to stock for doctors, and harder to use for women.

Caya scraps that model for a simple, flexible one-size-fits-all system. The new, stream-line diaphragm is smaller, easy to fold and store, and sits on the cortex instead of covering the entire vagina. No more watch-spring rims, no more snapping open. Caya even styled the new diaphragm with a finger-dome and dimples so the user can find and retrieve the cap more easily. It is just an easy-to-grip, simple to use, cute purple babble that effectively blocks sperm and can be inserted and removed with ease.

How to Join the Movement

If you are interested in the non-hormonal, female-controlled, contoured birth control that fits 80% of women, talk to your physician about getting a prescription and a fitting. If your local doctors do not stock Caya, Caya can be mail-ordered. Diaphragms can also be used in conjunction with other birth control methods.


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