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Feel the Heat This Valentine’s Day

Feel the Heat This Valentine’s Day

February 14th…you either hate it LOVE it (see what I did there). Valentine’s Day, the holiday all the singles claim Hallmark made up and the one where couples (mostly men) spend more money than they should on flowers, chocolates, and jewelry.

I’m sure now you are wondering, what am I doing for Valentine’s Day with my lover? Also, who is going to watch the kids, so you can have date night? (Here’s to hoping Nana and Papa will)!

Well, if you need help with some fun ideas then look no further!

Going Out

  1. Dance the Night Away. Look for some events that are going on around your city. Some places and organizations put on themed dances for Valentine’s Day, like a Masquerade Ball. Get tickets, have a nice dinner, and remember your dancing shoes!
  2. Cheap Night Out. Pack a picnic basket of food or pick up dinner on the way and drive out to the water. You can either lay a blanket out and sit by the water or if its cold, get in the back seat, eat your meal, cuddle, and just spend time together while looking at the moon reflecting off the water.
  3. Pack A Bag. Book a hotel room, cozy up in a plush room, and order room service along with champagne and strawberries! If your room comes with a big jacuzzi tube- be sure to take advantage!
  4. Where It All Began. For the ultimate date night, plan a visit to the place you first met. You can even make it a fun game; blindfold your significant other and guide them to the spot, then have them guess where they are. You may want to keep that blindfold handy for later, when the Valentine’s Day festivities really heat up.

Staying In

  1. Keep It Simple. Make dinner or order delivery, cuddle on the couch, and watch a romantic movie while sharing a great bottle of wine.
  2. Dress It UpBâtonnets de Poisson and Macaroni et Fromage, Sounds fancy, huh? Yeah, it’s just fish sticks with mac and cheese. Regardless, dress up, from your food to your attire. You can have a fancy French dinner on a budget by candlelight.
  3. Follow Me. Plan a scavenger hunt for your SO, but make sure to add fun surprises along the way (food and wine) but be sure to make the end worth the anticipating wait, if you know what I mean!
  4. Mmm… Pancakes. Breakfast in bed is always a delightful surprise, and it can be a romantic date idea as well. After breakfast, you and your lover can have even more fun in bed. Make sure you stock up on the whip cream because it doesn’t just have to go on pancakes!
  5. Heart Stopper. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, so you will want to create the perfect atmosphere. Start with a new piece of sexy lingerie, something that is sure to raise the blood pressure and get some lusty attention.

Staying in or Going Out? Not sure? This Is Perfect For Any Last Minute Idea!

Stop and Smell the Roses. Running a rose bath is a good romantic idea; just be sure to not forget the rose petals to create a path into the bathroom. You can continue that rose petal path right to the bed, where the true Valentine’s Day festivities will be taking place. Also, remember to light an array of candles, from tiny tapers to large pillars. You can also use LED candles, with run-on batteries but they are just as enchanting.

Single? Oh No!  … Just Kidding!

Grab some friends and host a “Seeing Red” party! Not sure what I mean by this? Basically, everything is red from your décor to drinks, and everyone is to wear red too! Or you if you love to bake, why not host a baking party where everyone brings their favorite recipe? If you enjoy an adult beverage now and then, you can spend your party time whipping up some special red cocktails and other Valentine’s Day theme drinks. There is no use to spend the holiday alone with your cat and a pint of ice cream when you can host a fun party with your friends!

We all know sex is the dessert for Valentine’s Day so just remember to use your Caya diaphragm!


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