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Life Hacks: Condoms Not Just for Sex

You already know that condoms protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, but did you know these tiny wonders have several other uses? There are plenty of reasons to keep a pack of condoms on hand, even if your sex life is far from active.

You should always use a condom as part of your safe sex practices, but there are plenty of other uses as well. Here are just a few unusual ways a condom can help your life.


Dropping Something in the Toilet

Whether it is your cell phone, your keys or another personal belonging, the thought of fishing your possessions out of the toilet is enough to send you fleeing. If you have a condom in your pocket, you can retrieve your lost possessions in seconds, without getting your hands dirty.

Just roll the condom on to your hand, pick up what you need to and dispose of the condom when you are done. The same factors that protect you during sex can protect you from the dirty toilet water.


Opening a Lid

Do you need some extra grip when opening a jar of pickles? Do you have trouble opening that bottle of ketchup? If so, just use an unlubricated condom. The ribbed surface will give you extra grip, and you will have a funny story to tell your party guests.


Starting a Fire

Did you know you can use a condom to start a fire? This little bit of wilderness survival could really come in handy on your next camping trip; one more reason to pack plenty of condoms in your backpack. Once lit, the condom will burn for a surprisingly long period of time, plenty of time to get that romantic campfire going.

Instant Rain Boots

When the water is rising, and the floods are pressing in, you need to protect your feet and your shoes. If you left your rain boots at home, just unwrap a condom and use it to keep your feet warm and dry. Be sure to pack a few extra condoms in your bugout bag or emergency kit; you will be glad you did.


DIY Ice Pack

If you twist your ankle or burn your hand, you can use a condom to make an instant ice pack. Just remove the condom from its wrapper, fill it with crushed ice or ice cubes, and tie it off. You now have an instant ice pack; one you can use to soothe your aches and pains.


Teaching Kids

If you wait too long to teach your kids about safe sex, it could be too late. Even the most protective parents cannot protect their kids from all sexual images, and their natural curiosity will take over eventually. Given those undeniable facts, the best course of action is to be open and honest about sex and its consequences.

Parents and educators can use condoms as a powerful teaching tool. Sex education teachers have long used condoms to teach their students about safe sex and the importance of protection, and parents can use the same strategies in their own homes.


Who knew condoms had so many uses? From starting a fire in the middle of the woods to providing much-needed protection in an emergency, these tiny bits of latex can do it all. However, their most important job remains the same: protecting men and women from sexually transmitted illnesses and preventing unwanted pregnancies. Feel free to express your love any way you want – just make sure you protect yourself with a condom (and Caya!) – and keep a few around for other uses as well.


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