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What does your partner think of Caya? Talk about it!

What does your partner think of Caya? Talk about it!

If you want to have a healthy and loving relationship, keeping the lines of communication open is essential. The importance of that communication extends into the bedroom.

Discussing your sexual desires in an open and honest manner can give your relationship a new spark and take your intimacy to the next level. But if you want that intimacy to be spontaneous, you need to use the right birth control method.

For many women and their partners, that natural birth control is Caya, a hormone-free alternative to birth control pills and a better and more comfortable way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. So, what does your partner think about Caya, and how can the right birth control enhance your romantic life?


How to Approach the Topic of Caya

Caya has many important benefits, including the fact that it is completely hormone free. If you want to start using Caya, talk to your partner about its benefits, and about how it works.

If you are worried about spoiling the mood or making your partner feel uncomfortable, you can always insert your Caya diaphragm in private, while you are getting ready for an intimate night. Either way, you want to protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy.


Plan What to Say About Caya

Talking about birth control and other sensitive topics can be challenging, even in the context of a committed loving relationship. Think about what you will say about Caya ahead of time; it will make the conversation more natural and less awkward.

Do not be afraid to share with your partner how Caya makes you feel, and the fact that this method of birth control is both easier and more comfortable than the alternatives. Discuss how Caya gives you more freedom sexually and allows you to control your hormones and your body. Think about the points you want to make with your partner, and schedule time for this intimate discussion.


Do Your Homework

The more you know about Caya and its benefits, the easier it will be to discuss its use with your partner. Do your homework, make a list of the things you like most about Caya and get ready to talk to your partner.

You might want to start out by talking about the dangers of other forms of birth control, including the rhythm method. Not only is the rhythm method ineffective against unplanned pregnancy, but it does nothing to prevent sexually transmitted disease. For the rhythm method to be effective, the woman must accurately assess her own fertility, including the exact days she ovulates. It is difficult enough for a doctor to determine the exact date of ovulation; for a layperson, it can be next to impossible.


In addition, the rhythm method does not take individual factors into account, including the fact that your cycle might change in the future. Relying on this unproven and unpredictable method of birth control is difficult and dangerous, so do not be afraid to talk to your partner about what you want and need. You know your body best, and you are in the best position to talk about your sexual health and what you want.


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