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Independence Day: Be Independent “Breaking Down the Barrier… Methods”

Independence Day: Be Independent “Breaking Down the Barrier… Methods”

Independence Day= Fireworks.🎆🎆🎆

Now that Independence Day has come and gone, it is time to plan your independence and add fireworks back into your bedroom! Protection for yourself and your partner is very important if you plan on keeping that spark alive.

An unplanned pregnancy could really do a number on any independence you planned on having. That is why this summer when things start heating up, you will want to include a barrier method of contraceptive like a condom, or better yet, a Caya Diaphragm!

So, let’s start by breaking down the barrier…methods!


Female Condoms

Yes, they still make those! A female condom is designed to go inside your vagina creating a barrier that keeps the sperm out of your vagina. Not only does a female condom protect you from an unwanted pregnancy, but it also provides protection against STD’s.


Male Condoms

The male condom is the most popular method of barrier contraception. A male condom covers the penis and creates a barrier to prevent STD’s and pregnancy. The male condom is easy to get and comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles just depend on your preference!


Caya Diaphragm

Well, we may be biased but the Caya is our favorite barrier method!

The diaphragm is a silicone cup that is inserted into the vagina and covers the cervix which prevents the sperm from entering. The Caya is easy to use and remove, comfortable to wear, and an effective non-hormonal way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The best part, your partner can’t even feel Caya so he doesn’t even know it’s there! The Caya does require a prescription from your provider, but you can get it filled at most retail pharmacies or you can get it filled through the mail-order pharmacy!

It is recommended to use Caya with a water-based spermicide for additional protection! If you are with a new partner, you may want to use a condom to prevent any STD’s.


Vaginal Spermicides

Creams, films, and foams, oh my! Like condoms, there are so several types of spermicides you can choose from. Spermicides are a chemical that stops sperm from being able to move and enter your cervix and uterus.

As mentioned with the Caya Diaphragm, it is recommended to use a water-based spermicide for additional protection. Spermicides do not prevent STD’s, so you will want to use a condom to ensure you are having safe sex and to protect yourself and your partner.


Be sure to plan for those hot summer nights when you a creating your own indoor fireworks!


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