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Girl… Have you heard about Caya?

Girl… Have you heard about Caya?

In the words of Amy Schumer, “Like all of a sudden, it’s not just your friends anymore. You’re a squad. It kind of makes it sound more powerful. I’m all for it.”

So, with National Women’s Friendship Day on September 16th, it’s time to grab a bottle of wine (or three, who’s counting) and sit down with your squad to celebrate. We all know there is nothing better than being with your girls and talking/gossiping the night away. Typically, the conversations range from gossip to venting about significant others/work/family and just life in general, but do you talk about health, family planning, and birth control? Eh, my guess is maybe to an extent, but gossip is usually a lot more fun, so those topics get pushed aside.

Girl take control.

When you are talking about your husband/boyfriend, sex is brought up, it happens, whatever (sorry guys). This would probably be one of your best opportunities to mention birth control methods, like the Caya diaphragm. The Caya is a one-size-fits-most diaphragm with a unique contoured shape that was designed with the female’s anatomy in mind. The best part, no hormones! We are seeing the trend of women moving away from hormones and using a copper IUD instead, but the Caya is better because it puts YOU in control. You can insert before sex and remove it a few hours afterwards.

Truth or Dare?

If Snapchat can bring it back, so can you! Maybe you are the shy one of the #squad and afraid to bring up sex, birth control, and family planning or you are the bold, outgoing personality of the group, nothing breaks the ice like a good ole’ game of Truth or Dare. You can start the game off as you normally would and then start bringing up the questions about birth control when it’s time for truth (there is always one person who picks truth every time).

So, as your girl’s night is underway on the 16th, remember to take the conversation a little deeper when sex is brought up. Be sure your friends are having safe sex, talk birth control, and family planning. Don’t shy away from these topics, they may be wanting to have the same conversation too!

Enjoy your #squad on behalf of Caya US!


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