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Don’t Let Flo Prevent Your Aunt Flo!

Don’t Let Flo Prevent Your Aunt Flo!

First, the Caya US team is thinking of everyone in the Carolina’s and surrounding states that are in the path of Hurricane Florence. We hope you all stay safe! <3

So, on that note…

True or False: Does natural disasters lead to a baby boom? Well, it depends on what study you look at, BUT there is a trend of increased birth rates post natural disasters, like hurricanes, blackouts, snowstorms, etc.

The Caya US Team believes in being prepared when a natural disaster strikes. Yes, it is important to have water and food that won’t spoil, but what about preparing against an unwanted pregnancy for when you are stuck in one of the situations below? Because frankly, you just never know…

  1. Hurricane Parties: Yes, there is such a thing. You can sit at home alone or you can wander over to a friend’s house and let loose. The most essential item at a Hurricane Party is booze and some people are even “creative” and make Hurricane themed drinks. I mean, it’s pretty fitting to drink Hurricane Punch while riding out a Hurricane. When alcohol is flowing, inhibitions are low, and this leads to getting frisky in the sleeping bag. Be sure you pack your Caya in your overnight bag, so you are well protected against an unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Power Outages: Well, we live in a time where we depend on electronics (TV’s, tablets, cell phones, etc.). So, what do you do when you are stuck at home and there is nothing to interact with other than with the person beside you? Face it, you can only play board games for so long before things lead to the bedroom.

What if the power is out for an extended about of time and it is time to pick up your birth control? It is unlikely that that pharmacy will have power, so they will be unable to fill your prescription. This is why Caya is a great option because it is good for up to 2 years and doesn’t require a monthly trip to the pharmacy for a refill.

  1. Snowstorms: Baby, it’s cold outside. There is one way to guarantee you’ll find warmth on a bitter cold; snowy day and I don’t mean by a fire. When it’s snowing outside there is nothing better than laying in your bed under the covers (I’m sure your significant other doesn’t mind this too!) and the consequence of this could be a baby born in the fall. If you are not ready to add a little one to the mix, then be sure to use your Caya!

So, while you are braving the storm and staying safe, just remember to use the Caya Diaphragm while you do the Naked Twister!


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  • Sarah Cummings
    October 20, 2018, 9:59 am REPLY

    Haha this is such a funny article. I’ve never really thought about how many conceptions happen during natural disasters but of course they do!

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