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Caya is new to the US, we would love to hear from providers that are prescribing Caya for birth control.

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Why Should You Prescribe Caya:

  • Caya is a one-size-fits-most contoured diaphragm that is designed to fit the female’s anatomy.
  • When a non-hormonal contraceptive is medically required (e.g., increased risk of thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, congenital severe lipid metabolic disorders, acute pancreatitis, impaired glucose tolerance)
  • For patient who desire a non-hormonal birth control
  • When a patient has a latex allergy
  • If a patient desires a backup method for birth control (e.g., missed a pill)
  • When a patient is between pregnancies
  • If using in combination with other methods (e.g., condoms)
  • For lactating mothers who wish to not use a hormonal birth control method
  • In cases where a patient is having infrequent intercourse
  • Caya is a perfect option for women who are seeking natural and safe contraception

Interested in Caya?

Getting Caya Into Your Office:

1. Free, Single-Use “Test Fit” Samples

While the Caya diaphragm does not require a traditional fitting, we understand in some cases a patient may have a concern if it will work for them or not, especially in cases such as a retroverted uterus. Therefore, we have, available for free, “Test Fit” samples of Caya diaphragms just for that situation! These samples are single-use, disposable units for you to assist your patient and ascertain if the Caya will work for them!

2. Dispense Caya in Your Office

You can order the Caya diaphragm directly from HPSRx Enterprises and dispense Caya in your office. Convenience for your patient, income for your practice.

3. Ways to Prescribe Caya For Your Patient:

You can write, fax, or e-scribe a prescription for Caya diaphragm to your patient’s pharmacy or the Caya Mail Order Pharmacy. Be sure to give the McKesson and Cardinal order numbers to your patient. This will help facilitate the pharmacy’s order of the Caya for your patient.

McKesson order number: 3486917

Cardinal order number: 5290770

NDC number: 63704-0020-01

Caya Mail Order Pharmacies:

1. American Mail Order Pharmacy

Phone: 888-772-3811

Fax: 586-772-6873

23290 Schoenherr Road

Warren, Michigan 48089

EScript: American Mail Order Pharmacy

2. Health Warehouse

Phone: 800-748-7001

Fax: 888-870-2808


Available at most retail pharmacies, including but not limited to:

Target                                            Wal-Mart

CVS                                               Rite-Aid

Food City                                       Costco

Giant Eagle                                    Wegman’s

Meijer                                             Winn-Dixie


  • The Caya diaphragm should always be used with water-based contraceptive gels such as, Gynol II, Conceptrol, and VCF Gel. The Caya diaphragm is not compatible with silicone-based lubricants and gels.
  • The Caya is contraindicated if the patient was previously sized with a conventional diaphragm with the size 50-60mm and 85-90mm.


  • Caya is one size fits most. Should I fit patients for Caya use?

    The Caya diaphragm fits all women from the earlier diaphragm sizes of 65mm – 80mm.  If a patient has never used a diaphragm it would be useful to provide her with the opportunity to insert and have her clinician check to see if the Caya fits properly.  This experience also gives the patient more confidence for appropriate Caya use. With coaching, 94 percent of women were able to insert, correctly position, and remove the diaphragm.

  • What should I recommend for spermicidal use?

    There are water-based and silicone-based spermicides.  Because Caya is made of silicone, water-based spermicides are the appropriate product because a silicone based spermicide will damage the diaphragm.

  • Where can my patient get the Caya?

    There are multiple ways to have the Caya prescription filled.  HPSRx has contracts with two online pharmacies that will fill the prescription and ship to the patient’s home.  There is also a contract with a major distributor that supplies many commercial pharmacies.

  • Why does the Caya® diaphragm have to remain in the vagina for 6 hours after intercourse?

    Sperm cells are no longer active after this period. These 6 hours are for your own safety and to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

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