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Caya is new to the United States, we would love to hear from women who are using Caya for birth control.

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Caya, the new single size contoured contraceptive diaphragm was developed over the past 10 years with the woman’s anatomy in mind. Its unique contoured and ergonomic shape was tested in clinical trials and found to be comfortable, easy to use and effective. Its single size fits MOST women.

A nylon rim replaces the previous metal rim found in conventional diaphragms, providing exceptional comfort and effective flexibility for ease of insertional and removal, yet strong enough to be highly effective. There is even a finger dome for ease of removal and rim dimples to assist with gripping during insertion.

Plus, Caya’s one size fits MOST women! If your patient fits a conventional diaphragm of 65mm to 80mm, then the Caya will fit them too and no pelvic exam or traditional fitting is required. If they have never been fitted or sized, it is recommended that you perform a fitting or “test fit” the Caya with one of our free “test fit” units (see more information below).

The new Caya is a great option for women that are unable to take hormones, don’t want hormonal contraception or perhaps have less frequent sex and want an “on demand” option which they control. So please add the Caya to your contraceptive counseling options.

When prescribing Caya for your patients, please consider stocking Caya and dispensing it right from your office, offering your patient a tremendous convenience and cost savings compared to having their prescription filled at a local pharmacy. If interested, please call (800) 850-1657  or email HPSRx to set up your account today. We can also provide you free artwork and information if you would like to promote Caya on your website.

If you don’t wish to stock Caya yourself, for your patient’s convenience, we also have available nationally licensed mail order commercial pharmacy options. These commercial pharmacies have product in stock and ready to fulfill your patient’s prescription today. You may call, fax or e-script the prescription to our pharmacies for faster service or the patient can mail the written prescription in along with the order form. If you choose not to dispense from your office, we strongly recommend this option as many local pharmacies may not routinely stock this item.



While a pelvic exam or traditional diaphragm fitting is not a requirement of Caya use or prescription, if your patient’s size is unknown or if your patient has a particular concern if the Caya will work for her, especially in cases such as a retroverted uterus, it is recommended that you size your patient or “test fit” Caya. To assist you with this process, we offer FREE “test fit units” so your patient can try insertion/removal while in your office and you may check for proper placement and fit. These are single-use disposable units. If needed, please call HPSRx to request.

An anatomically correct pelvic model is also available for purchase to help educate your patients on insertion and proper placement of the Caya.





  • Caya diaphragms should always be used with water soluble contraceptive gels such as Gynol II
  • They are NOT compatible with silicone-based lubricants and gels and thus should not be used together. Use ONLY WATER-BASED lubricants
  • Caya is contraindicated if the patient was previously sized for conventional diaphragms from 50mm-60mm and 85mm-90mm.


  • Caya is one size fits most. Should I fit patients for Caya use?

    The Caya diaphragm fits all women from the earlier diaphragm sizes of 65mm – 80mm.  If a patient has never used a diaphragm it would be useful to provide her with the opportunity to insert and have her clinician check to see if the Caya fits properly.  This experience also gives the patient more confidence for appropriate Caya use. With coaching, 94 percent of women were able to insert, correctly position, and remove the diaphragm.

  • What should I recommend for spermicidal use?

    There are water-based and silicone-based spermicides.  Because Caya is made of silicone, water-based spermicides are the appropriate product because a silicone based spermicide will damage the diaphragm.

  • Where can my patient get the Caya?

    There are multiple ways to have the Caya prescription filled.  HPSRx has contracts with two online pharmacies that will fill the prescription and ship to the patient’s home.  There is also a contract with a major distributor that supplies many commercial pharmacies.

  • Why does the Caya® diaphragm have to remain in the vagina for 6 hours after intercourse?

    Sperm cells are no longer active after this period. These 6 hours are for your own safety and to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

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